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The Full Monty Sequel Series

The Full Monty Sequel Series

More than 25 years after its release, the original cast of The Full Monty has returned for an FX sequel series.

In March 2021, it was announced that FX on Hulu and Disney+ will be adapting the film into a limited television series. The series is produced by Searchlight Television, FXP and Little Island Productions, with Simon Beaufoy creating, writing and executive producing the series. The original cast members, including Carlyle, Wilkinson and Addy were said to be reprising their roles.

The original band of brothers as they navigate Sheffield and its crumbling healthcare, education and employment sectors, exploring the brighter, sillier and more humane way forward where communal effort can still triumph over adversity.

The Full Monty series will have eight episodes and premieres June 14th on Hulu.

The Full Monty Sequel Series


Tupele Dorgu - Yaz

Talitha Wing -  Destiny

Aiden Cook -  Twiglet

Phillip Rhys Chaudhary -  Dilip Amagee

Jaxon Valentine -  Sash

Jamie Michie -  Little Bill

Keeley Fitzgerald -  Casey

Rekha John-Cheriyan -  Mrs. Khan

Natalie Davies -  Tabani

Lucy Mizen -  Benefits Assessor

Amer Nazir -  Sajid Khan

Thomas O'Toole -  Carson

Anna-Jane Casey -  Cal's mum

Danny Mellor -  Policeman

Simon Jennings -  The Customs Officer

Tim Paley -  Lettuce Man

Amy Drake -  Charity Shop Worker

Ashlea Screaton -  Leah

Lewis Whele -  Ben Schofield

Laura Hobson -  Kate Brimmy

Kate Godley-Harrod -  Coffee shop Staff

Joe Zalias -  Barry

Robert Carlyle -  Gary 'Gaz' Schofield 

Mark Addy -  Dave

Tom Wilkinson -  Gerald

Lesley Sharp -  Jean

Hugo Speer -  Guy

John Hollingworth-  James Warner

Paul Barber -  Horse

Wim Snape -  Nathan

Steve Huison -  Lomper

Lisa Allen -  Kath

Joe Standerline -  Funeral Director

Matt Bowden -  CafĂ© Customer 

Paul Edward Davies -  Trucker 

Paul Candelent -  Detective 

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