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Sony A7 IV Firmware Update 2.0

Sony A7 IV firmware update 2.0

ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 2.00 (SD card/CFexpress card)

For customers who have been using Imaging Edge Mobile app:

- Updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to Imaging Edge Mobile app.

-nAfter updating the camera, install the Creators' App.

-Please make sure Imaging Edge Mobile app is the latest version (Ver.7.7.2 or later) in order    to pair the camera with the Creators' App.

- If you are using an iPhone/iPad, after updating the camera, turn off the Phone/iPad and       turn it on again.

- Then pair the camera with the Creators' App.

Precautions when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier

- When updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier, you need to update to Ver.1.05 before proceeding       with the Ver.2.00 update. Only update to Ver.2.00 after updating to Ver.1.05. If you try to           update to Ver.2.00 without updating to Ver.1.05, an error will occur and you will not be able     to update.

- Follow the instructions below to check the system software version. Note: If the Date/Time     setting screen appears when you turn on your camera, be sure to set the date and time to     the correct values.

1 - On the camera, select Menu.

2 - Select Setup → Setup Option → Version.

If it is already Ver.1.05 or later, please update to the latest system software version.

Ver.1.05 (For Ver.1.01 or earlier)

latest update (For Ver.1.05 or later)

Sony Creators' App

About the Sony Creators' App:

This application allows anytime, anywhere smartphone access to the Creators' Cloud, a platform that provides powerful support for creators from shooting to production with Sony's camera technology and cloud AI. By connecting this application to your camera, you can easily operate convenient functions such as photo and video transfer from your smartphone.

■ Anytime access to Creators' Cloud Experience the various functions offered by Creators' Cloud, including file storage and management in cloud storage, a wide range of services and applications including video editing services using cloud AI, and access to articles and content that will serve as a source of inspiration. You can experience a variety of functions provided by Creators' Cloud.

■Extend the shooting experience and manage shooting files more easily You can transfer and save photos and videos you have already taken, and use your smartphone as a remote control for the camera for remote shooting. In addition, the smartphone can be used to check the camera's battery and media information, set the date, time, and camera name, and easily update the camera's software.

-Easy transfer of photos and videos taken anytime, anywhere Photos and videos taken can be transferred to cloud storage or a smartphone for centralized management. Data transfer can be performed while shooting or while the camera is turned off or charging. The camera also supports a variety of user shooting styles, such as transferring only those photos and videos that have been rated or marked as shots in advance.

-Operate the camera from your smartphone By connecting the camera to a smartphone, the smartphone can be used as a remote control for the camera. This allows you to take pictures from a distance, such as group photos, or take pictures of night scenes without causing vibrations to the camera. In addition, you can easily check the camera's battery and media information, and set the date, time, and camera name from your smartphone.

-Save camera settings and reflect changes Camera settings that change with each shooting scene can be saved to the smartphone and reflected in the camera. The ability to save settings for multiple cameras greatly streamlines setting changes during shooting.

-Important announcements and software updates are also available from your smartphone. Important notifications such as software updates can be checked, and updates to the camera itself can be easily performed from a smartphone.

Supported Models

-Models with all functions including remote shooting and transfer are available here https://www.sony.net/ca/help/?source=store

-For other models, you can use cloud functions such as storage other than remote shooting and transfer.

Operating environment: Android 9.0-13.0


-There are differences in services and functions available in different countries and regions. -This application is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets.

Install Creators' App from Google Play

Install Creators' App from Apple App Store

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