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Jayesunn Krump is an internationally published photographer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. With his extensive experience shooting indoor and out, working with all types of people, models, children, families, celebrities, and more, Jayesunn has been a working photographer and photographic educator since 2000.

"I was born in the Midwest. As a touring musician, fell in love with the Pacific northwest and decided to make it my home.

When I stopped touring and started a family I picked up a camera for the first time with a different eye.

Photographing my first child really began my love affair with the camera. I began to photograph anything and everything around me. Just about all of my free time was spent with a camera or a book about photography in my hand. I became the friend that you would call if you needed some shots done, and it just grew from there.

Fifteen years later I have photographed people from all walks of life, from celebrities to children, and I haven't stopped. I try to pick up my camera every day and try something new."

The client list of Jayesunn Krump is a vast range of personalities and the portfolio represents that well. Customers are used to expecting, achieving, and receiving only the best. Some credits include:

Jerry Seinfeld

Billy Dee Williams





Ice Cube

Adam Carolla

Joshua Jackson

Sam Adams


KROCK New York

Steadfast Brand


Ink Girls


Rick Emerson

Alice in Chains



Vanilla Ice

The Oregonian

Willamette Week

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